The children gave some lovely feedback in the Pupil Survey - "The sports competitions are great. There are no bullies. It's better here than my last school because it's quieter and you can get on with your work. You always have someone to go to. It's kind, caring and well-organised. What would you change - nothing - it's great just as it is!"

Welcome to Niton Primary School


duncan pic” I would like to welcome you and your family to Niton Primary School. As a school community we hope to make all new members feel welcome and we look forward to getting to know you over the forthcoming years.

We have 153 children at our school who are all different and therefore need to be treated differently. Every day we see success for all our children, not only in their academic achievement but also in their curious, confident and resilient approach to learning and all they undertake. We want to achieve success for all.

At Niton we aim to provide an exciting learning environment of the highest standard, to give your child the best possible start to school. This website gives essential information about our school and the way we work. There may be many more questions that you have in relation to your own child that are not addressed here. Please feel free to contact the school to arrange a time to come and look around during the working day and ask about any other information that you might need. “

– o –


 Today we said congratulations to some of our Year 6 children who won awards during their graduation ceremony. A huge well done to all of you!

English: Sophie Lacey Jenkin and Ella Jarman

Maths: Charles Anderson and Zara Taylor
Science: Caleb Wright
Art: Gabriel Nordbruch
Performing Arts: Izzy Stritton
Ambassador: Allaralei Tuck
Progress: Sam Winter
P.E/Sports: Dee Sanchez Brown and Ashton Harper
Senior Leadership Award: Jack Rann

To see the term dates for the academic year 2017/18 please click the link below.

2017-18 Niton Primary School Term Dates

Year 6 UKSA Trip

The children have had an amazing first day.

For more photos, click here.

Hampshire Games County Tennis Championship Finals

Well done to all those involved!!

Some fantastic photos of our Women in Sports Week. Everyone involved had a great time and really enjoyed themselves.

Click here for more photos.

Niton Primary School Isle of Wight Tennis Champions 2017! 
Congratulations to Sam Mills, Wilfie Beardsall, Rosie Williams and Coco Mortimer. The team will now represent the Island at the Hampshire Games Competition later this month! We wish them all the best.

Year 4 Update

The Year 4 children have arrived safely and are now up and packing before they head off for a tour of the site. The sun is shining! Tonight –  games and a camp fire before bedtime.

Please click here to see more photos.

 Ageas Bowl Trip

Four of our Year 6 pupils ( Ashton, Jack, Sophie and Zara) travelled to the Ageas Bowl in Southampton to represent the school at the Active Gold Mark Sports Award Ceremony. When we arrived, we did Q&A (question and answers) where we asked the famous sport players questions. We got to ask Sam Ward (a hockey player) some questions; for example, who he was inspired by? Next, we designed T-shirts in pairs me (Jack) and Ashton worked together. We put a massive trophy on it saying World Cup! We played two sports, netball and hockey. In netball, we played games against other schools. In hockey, we played with Sam Ward and did some dab stretches. Then we played a game of stuck in mud hockey style. At last, we had an award ceremony. We did not get an award but we had a gold plaque for being a good sports school. We had an amazing time!!! By Ashton & Jack.

The past few weeks have been very busy. Our topic has been ‘One tiny seed’ and we have been looking at how plants grow. We started by sowing some cress seeds. We were able to write bossy instructions after that! We also kept a seed diary to keep a record of how the seeds changed over the following days.

We have been out in the Garden area, too, helped by Mrs Geary. We have been clearing the beds ready to plant out the runner bean and beetroot seedlings we sowed, once they are big enough. During Science Week, we explored the statement ‘All plants are the same’. This led to some interesting discussions. Everyone disagreed with this at first. After some great investigations, some of us might be changing our minds a little! 

We spent some time in the wild life area. We were looking for the signs of Spring. We had to use all our senses; what could we hear, smell, feel and see. We then used all that information to write a  poem. We had already looked at different kinds of poems to see what makes a poem different from other types of writing.  We have also used seeds of different shapes, sizes and colours to make patterns.

We even had time to enjoy World Book day, sharing our favourite books with our friends. We, also, used what we had been learning about in Maths to make a bar graph, showing what our favourite genre of book is – it is fiction (by quite a long way, as you can see!).

Thank you, also, to all of you who were able to come to our class assembly.  We had fun showing you the many other things we have been up to, too!

On Sunday 19th February an incredible 31 Niton children took part in the Junior Cross Country Championships at Smallbrook Stadium. Thank you to Claire Mumford for drumming up such an enthusiastic response for the event!

Congratulations and very well done to: Megan Holland Maya Smith Rosie Williams Ellen Dinsdale Agnes Anderson Matthew Lockhart Johann Hernando Fynn Truman Mackenzie Lake Matilde Humphries Ruby Dyos Amelie Reddecliff Lily Lewis Coco Mortimer Lacey-Mae Gauntlett Ben Mumford Sam Mills Sam Mumford Alfie Porter Johan Humphries Jack Hambley Tane Oakley Asa Trueman Maddie Bartholomew Mariella PennSampler Delilah Parsons Mia Norris Freya Wall Noah Dorning Kaiya Oakley Zeke Reddeclif

Maddie Bartholomew finished 3rd in her year group. Well done Maddie!

Two teams competed in the Area  Indoor Athletics finals at Medina College.

 24 children participated in two teams against 9 other schools in a range of athletic field and track events. I am delighted to inform you Niton Blue finished as runners-up, just missing out on 1st place by the narrowest of margins.  Congratulations to everyone involved:

Rosie Williams, Coco Mortimer, Sonnie Venier, Jack Hambley, Rosie Upstell, Ruby Dyos, Izzy Godolphin, James Hayes-Davis, Maddie Bartholomew, Regan Newbery, Ben Mumford, Freya Wall, Xanda  Turner, Zeke Reddecliff,    Malachi  Peters,  Mariella Penn-Sampler,  Matteo Burgess,  Poppy Yates,  Connor Taylor-Barnes, Mia Norris, Lottie Rowland, Finley Joy,  Sam Mills and Megan Holland.

The children really enjoyed the Hockey competition at small brook astro, playing a total of 8 games, some great passing and movement.
Well done to all involved!

Congratulations to all who took took part in the IOW Music Festival. 

Top row left to right:
Chloe Stemmet, Amelie Reddecliff, Amelia Munroe, Lily Dutton, Izzy Stritton, Poppy Dutton, Alex Kirby
Bottom row left to right:
Noah Dorning, Daniel Kirby, Tahlia Shahriva, Harmony Butt, Isla Truckell, Leah Critchison, Florence Fradgley, Jess Judd, Ellen Careless, Izzy Godolphin, Millie Fradgley, Angel Ballinger. 

In Year 6, we have been investigating changes of materials for science week. On Wednesday, we performed many experiments to find out what is reversible and what is not. We found out that if the product emits smoke, it is irreversible.

For the day, we were set off into groups of five and had the task of researching a scientist who made an invention which greatly improved our everyday life. Then, one at a time, Mrs Martin called up our groups and we all did various experiments throughout the morning.

Our first experiment consisted of us mixing water and cornflour to create a non-Newtonian fluid – when we put pressure against it, it hardened, but when we released pressure, it turned to a liquid.

For our second experiment, we poured some vinegar into a plastic bottle. We then added  bicarbonate of soda into the balloon, attached it to the bottle and tipped it into the vinegar. The effect was that the gas which spread into the balloon and inflated it. We also debated whether the change was reversible.

For our third experiment we fried eggs and toasted toast. Then we discussed how the changes were irreversible. The best bit was we got to eat it!

Finally, we set alight a candle and talked about  how it was irreversible. This one was a bit confusing as many of us thought that the change was reversible.  It turns out that candle  combustion is irreversible and wax melting is reversible  

Meanwhile the rest of the class carried on with the posters. Mrs Martin was very impressed with the quality of them.


The Isle of Wight Council and the Governing Board of the Cornerstone Federation (consisting of The Bay Church of England Primary and Niton Primary School) are consulting on two options for the future of Sandown Bay secondary education: another academy sponsor or the creation of an all through, 4-16 (or 18) school for Sandown, with secondary education continuing on the Sandown Bay secondary site.  This would be done through a change of age range for The Bay CE Primary School to make it a 4-16 (or 18) school under the current Headteacher’s and Governors’ leadership.

Please find below a link to a consultation that starts today, Monday 12 June 2017 and closes on 24th July 2017.

Full details, including the consultation document, consultation meetings and a survey/response form can be found at the following website:


Our School App!


We are ensuring our communication with you is easier, quicker and more efficient. I am pleased to inform you that we have introduced a new app service to the school. OurSchoolsApp is a personalised app for our school and will allow us to keep you all updated with school information, news, calendar events and contact information.

If you have a smartphone (Android or iPhone) you can download OurSchoolsApp from Google Play Android or the Apple Store for FREE. Access is also available on a tablet and iPad by following the same download process. When we update OurSchoolsApp with new information or news about the school, a push message notification will automatically be sent to your device to inform you of this update.

You can then view the notification which will then take you directly to our app. Instructions for download:

1. Using the relevant device (iPad, iPhone, smart pad, tablet or android phone), search for ‘OurSchoolsApp’ on your app store Google play for Android or iTunes for Apple devices.

2. Download the ‘APP’.

3. In the search bar in the ‘APP’ put the postcode of or the name or the school.

4. Hit the search button.

5. Once you see the school name displayed, just touch the screen on the school name.

6. Confirm your choice by pressing OK.

7. You will now be presented with the ‘APP’ for the school which contains news, information, calendar events, contacts and any other relevant details. 

Please click here to access the school app.

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