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duncan pic” I would like to welcome you and your family to Niton Primary School. As a school community we hope to make all new members feel welcome and we look forward to getting to know you over the forthcoming years.

We have 153 children at our school who are all different and therefore need to be treated differently. Every day we see success for all our children, not only in their academic achievement but also in their curious, confident and resilient approach to learning and all they undertake. We want to achieve success for all.

At Niton we aim to provide an exciting learning environment of the highest standard, to give your child the best possible start to school. This website gives essential information about our school and the way we work. There may be many more questions that you have in relation to your own child that are not addressed here. Please feel free to contact the school to arrange a time to come and look around during the working day and ask about any other information that you might need. “

Latest News

Christmas Lunches.

To confirm the texts previously sent out, unless you have a special date/time arranged with us, we would like to invite all our Parent/Carer and Family guests to the Christmas Lunches as follows: 

Wednesday 14th December.

First Sitting at 11.45am Year 3 and Year 4 pupils and guests.

Second Sitting at 12.40pm Year 5 and Year 6 pupils and guests.

Thursday 15th December.

First Sitting at 11.45am Reception and Year 2 pupils and guests.

Second Sitting 12.40pm Year 1 pupils and guests.

We look forward to seeing you all.


What’s been happening in Year 3.

In Year 3 we have been having an amazing time. So far we have become masters of the 3 x Table, practiced our number skills every morning using Big Maths and battled for house points in our X Table challenges.

In Science we have been learning about light. I thought it was really fun because we made shadow puppets, learned lots of new things including what a light source is and found out which materials reflect light.

In English we designed a chocolate vending machine and then we wrote instructions for it, we also labelled the diagram.

We wrote our own version of the Poem Making The Countryside called Making The City and created skyline art using powder paint. In computing we have been learning to type and finding information in search engines. In Geography we have compared the similarities and differences of Niton and Portsmouth.

By Maddie Bartholomew  


Year 3 Class assembly

Twelfth Night showed us all what they had been up to this term in their class assembly. Obi demonstrated his teaching skills by drilling the class on their times tables, whilst Delilah impressed everybody with her recitation of the poem Making the Countryside – all from memory! Isla had written a fantastic contrasting poem called Making the City, which she read out too. Their art work was appreciated as they showed their amazing city skyline. We learnt some road safety tips from Delilah, Freyja, Regan and Mariella about staying safe in the dark by wearing reflective clothing, and      received a practical computing lesson form Freya and Mali who debugged an algorithm before our very eyes! French skills were in evidence as they sang their way to 20 with the aid of a very catchy song (which I still have in my head)! All in all a busy term. 




FONS…We held our annual Christmas Fair last Saturday and are pleased to report it was a staggering success!

We raised £1350 which we are very much looking forward to putting to good use within the school to ‘enhance the children’s school experience.’ We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along and supported the fair.

We also need to say a massive thank you to our helpers who come along and help to run the stalls, we couldn’t do it without you.

A special thanks to Wayne Norris who, as always, was very generous with his donations. We are also very grateful to all those who donated a raffle prize or other such items.  You are all  amazing!

Thank you from the FONS team.

Our School App!


We are ensuring our communication with you is easier, quicker and more efficient. I am pleased to inform you that we have introduced a new app service to the school. OurSchoolsApp is a personalised app for our school and will allow us to keep you all updated with school information, news, calendar events and contact information.

If you have a smartphone (Android or iPhone) you can download OurSchoolsApp from Google Play Android or the Apple Store for FREE. Access is also available on a tablet and iPad by following the same download process. When we update OurSchoolsApp with new information or news about the school, a push message notification will automatically be sent to your device to inform you of this update.

You can then view the notification which will then take you directly to our app. Instructions for download:

1. Using the relevant device (iPad, iPhone, smart pad, tablet or android phone), search for ‘OurSchoolsApp’ on your app store Google play for Android or iTunes for Apple devices.

2. Download the ‘APP’.

3. In the search bar in the ‘APP’ put the postcode of or the name or the school.

4. Hit the search button.

5. Once you see the school name displayed, just touch the screen on the school name.

6. Confirm your choice by pressing OK.

7. You will now be presented with the ‘APP’ for the school which contains news, information, calendar events, contacts and any other relevant details. 

New kitchen

I am delighted to announce that we have  secured the necessary funding from the Local Authority to replace our rather tired kitchen. Work will commence in the last week of term and last for 8 weeks. We will be writing to parents and carers next week to update everyone on the adjustments to the menu service at the end of term to allow the contractors to start work before we break for the summer holidays.


Dyslexia logo

We are delighted to announce that Niton Primary school has been awarded the Dyslexia Friendly Schools Award in 2016.

In Dyslexia Friendly Schools, staff recognise that dyslexic children learn in different ways and that this can be beneficial to all. Staff work quickly to address individual needs and tailor learning to children’s strengths. Staff continually monitor, review and improve methods of identification and support of children with specific learning needs. The whole school community is involved.

The school promotes good practice for teaching and learning.

If, as parent of a pupil attending this school, you require a paper copy of the information on this website, we shall provide this free of charge. 

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