The children gave some lovely feedback in the Pupil Survey - "The sports competitions are great. There are no bullies. It's better here than my last school because it's quieter and you can get on with your work. You always have someone to go to. It's kind, caring and well-organised. What would you change - nothing - it's great just as it is!"

 Welcome to Brunel Class – Reception Year.




Reception class news:
Week beginning – 15/07/19
This week the children will be considering their special talents and have the opportunity to share/talk about them with the class. In maths they will be learning about money, time- days of the week , months of the year, telling the time and experiencing how many tasks they can do in 1 minute. In phonics the children will be practicing reading and writing the phase 3 and 4 tricky words, digraphs and trigraphs.

On Monday afternoon the children will be watching the Key Stage 2 show dress rehearsal. On Thursday the children will be pond dipping so please leave their boots at school until then.

Your child’s Tapestry Journal is now available to download  on the Tapestry website. Sadly, after 16th July we will need to delete these journals due to data protection regulations, and we will be unable to retrieve them after this date.

Here are four easy steps to downloading your journal:

Step 1 : Login to your account via the Tapestry Journal website(not the app)

Step 2: Go to the control panel at the top right hand side of your page and click on the drop down arrow

Step 3: Scroll down to PDF download and select for download

Step 4: Save your PDF

If you have any problems downloading your child’s journal or are unable to access a computer in order to download please don’t hesitate to come and ask for some help.

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