The children gave some lovely feedback in the Pupil Survey - "The sports competitions are great. There are no bullies. It's better here than my last school because it's quieter and you can get on with your work. You always have someone to go to. It's kind, caring and well-organised. What would you change - nothing - it's great just as it is!"

Welcome to Strong. Year 3. 

James Ranson

Mr Ranson, Teacher.

Keith garlick

Mr Garlick, Teacher.


Mrs Beardsall, Additional Pupil Support.

Nicky Stubbs

Mrs Stubbs, Additional Pupil Support.

Linda Turner

Mrs Turner, Learning support Assistant.

Mrs Thearle

Mrs Thearle, Additional Pupil Support.


In Year 3 we finished our chocolate topic with a day of making chocolates from the recipes we had designed. We decided we would sell the chocolates to our families, so we had to design some really eye catching packaging and work out how to stop the chocolates from moving around inside. We used nets of different 3d shapes, but we had to remember to leave one face open so that we could put our chocolates inside!

After studying some real chocolate wrappers, we made sure we included ingredient and weight information too. Lots of us added the Fair Trade logo, which means that the cacao farmers who provided our beans got a fair price for their crop.

Mr Garlick bought the ingredients, and then gave us some maths problems to solve so that we could work out how much our chocolates had cost to make. When we had worked out the cost, we added an amount onto the price so that we could make a profit.

In the kitchen, each group worked with Mrs Turner and Mrs Bartholomew to melt and mix our ingredients and to put the mixture into moulds.  It was great fun, and we did get to try some of the mixture: delicious!

To make sure our chocolates would sell, we decorated our tables with advertising. These potters had to be bright and appealing with our product slogans and logos on them. We set up the tables outside and sold our chocolates.

First, though, we had to get some money called a ‘float’ so that we could give out change. Some of our parents were so impressed that they gave us more money than the asking price!

Unsurprisingly, all our chocolates sold and, after paying back our costs, we made a fabulous profit of £29.61 which we will spend on a class treat in the Summer  term.


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