The children gave some lovely feedback in the Pupil Survey - "The sports competitions are great. There are no bullies. It's better here than my last school because it's quieter and you can get on with your work. You always have someone to go to. It's kind, caring and well-organised. What would you change - nothing - it's great just as it is!"

Welcome to Dali. Year 3. 

James Ranson

Mr Ranson, Teacher.

Mrs S Dunford, Teacher

Mrs S Dunford, Teacher


Nicky Stubbs

Mrs Stubbs, Additional Pupil Support.

Linda Turner

Mrs Turner, Learning support Assistant.


What’s been going on in Strong Class

What an amazing start Strong Class have made to Year 3. They have been working hard on their spellings and creating words with our spelling game, ‘Boggle’. Over half the class got 10/10 this week in their spelling test and most children improved on last week’s score! Over the past 3 weeks, we have been reading a book called ‘Heart and the Bottle’ by Oliver Jeffers. The children have been devising a job description for someone to sit in the chair. This great introduction for the job description was written by Isabel Hayes-Davis:

‘Are you full of information ? Well, if you are, this is the right job for you if you are available! If you want to be the person to sit in the chair, sign up for it now! 

In history, we have been discovering all about the Stone Age and we were very lucky to have a visitor from English Heritage to come and tell the children all about it. The children asked lots of questions about what went on in the Stone Age and how the people survived. They also got to participate in a  range of workshops where the children excavated burial trays, made clay pots and decorated them. They also polished stones and ground corn into flour. The children also got a chance to make some coins from small pieces of silver and handle the original artefacts of tools, weapons and pottery.

Congratulations Strong Class on such a great start to the term and thank you for making my first few weeks at Niton so amazing.



16.03.18 – Homework – Maths – to complete 5 tasks on Mathletics on fractions. 

                                       English – spelling activities.  

                                       Literacy Planet – complete 3 activities 

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