We received some lovely comments from parents, carers and pupils on May 20th which was Thank a Teacher Day - "Thank you to all the staff at Niton Primary, but especially Mr Woodhouse, Mrs Tapper, Mrs Reddecliff and Mrs B. Ellen and Polly are missing school so much." - "A huge thanks to everyone working so hard at Niton. A special shout out to Mr Woodhouse who has been there constantly on google classroom to help when needed and for setting such brilliant and fun lessons! The phone call home too was really appreciated and made M’s day to speak with him! It’s really lovely to be part of such a caring school." - "Thank you to all the staff who are working hard to keep our kids safe and for providing work and support during this tough time. A special thanks to Mrs Martin, Noah’s teacher." - "A massive thank you to all the staff at Niton who make life so special and memorable for all children. Thank you also for your support during the current period, you're all doing a fantastic job in difficult circumstances. On a personal note, a big thanks to Mrs Patching. Jack says- "Thank you Mrs Patching for all you've done and for setting us some really nice work" " - "Thank you to Mrs Martin and Mrs Glover for their continued support. “I miss my friends, Mrs Martin and Mr Wheeler” from Dan." - "Thank you to everybody at Niton Primary who help and support our family. "Mrs Patching will always be my favourite teacher, but Mr Woodhouse is pretty cool too! Mrs Turner is always really smiley and I miss seeing her" from Bea. "I want to say thank you to Mrs Patching, love Annie" and finally "Mrs Wall was a brilliant teacher and always so kind to me" from an ex pupil." - "Thank you Mrs Patching for your continued support, encouragement and hard work, not only at this time but from September. Noah has benefitted hugely from your guidance, as I’m sure many others have and for this we will always be grateful. Keep smiling." - "We’re lucky with such fab teachers and support staff at our lovely school - thank you all." - "Thank you to all at Niton Primary School, especially Mrs Patching and Miss Burton for their hard work and support. The kids miss you lots!" - "Every teacher - past and present, for both of my children have been brilliant, and I’m grateful to them all. However Mrs Glover still holds the record for James’ favourite teacher EVER!" - "Thank you to Mr Woodhouse and Mrs Fuller for your great support & resources for Kai and Zac during this difficult time." - "Thank you to all the teachers and support staff." - "Thank you Mrs Martin, Mrs Patching, all teachers and all Niton Primary amazing caring staff for looking after our learning and wellbeing from Matteo and Marco." - "Thanks to all the staff at Niton Primary, especially Miss Burton for keeping the class busy during lockdown."

This year we have named our classes after sports people who have achieved amazing things and are linked to our beautiful Isle of Wight. Please click on the class names below to find out more about these inspirational individuals and to find out what’s been going on in the class groups.




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Welcome to  Bradbury Class – Year 4

Named after Lee Bradbury

Lee Bradbury was born in Cowes. He is a former footballer who made 500 appearances in the football league. After retiring from the game he spent 14 months managing Bournemouth AFC and also had a seven-year spell as manager of National League club Havant & Waterlooville.

Welcome to Bradbury Class – Year 4


Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support with all of the home learning the children have had to undertake this year. You support of them and the school has been greatly appreciated. 

Year 4 

Children in Year 4 continue the learning journey that they began in Year 3 and at home with you.  They follow the Year 4 Curriculum, which is designed to help children develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in all curriculum areas, ensuring they go into Year 5 prepared to face the introduction of some new learning that comes with being in a new Key Stage.

What do the children do?

By now your child will be used to how the school day operates. Here is a gentle reminder. The day at school is broken into different parts. On most days before break there is English /Maths and after break the other subject of the two. After lunch the wider curriculum is taught with subjects such as History, Geography, Art, HPE and Science.

What do the adults do?

Staff at school work alongside your child and help to teach them the next step in their learning. They also demonstrate and model things to small groups or the whole class and set up games or activities to practise the key skills they need to learn.

Staff at school observe your children daily in lots of different lessons and activities. These help inform us about what intervention to make and how best to support them in their next steps in learning. There will also be times when your child may work in a small adult supported group this will be to either give them additional support or to extend their learning further with something more challenging. 

What does your child need every day?

  • Water bottle
  • Fruit (1 piece of named fruit provided by you if you wish your child to have two portions of fruit a day)
  • Weather appropriate clothing (sun hat/warm hat/raincoat – bear in mind the changeable weather that we have in England and that your child may spend up to half the day outside)
  • Reading book

HPE (Health and Physical Education)

PE lessons will be on Mondays and Fridays. Please make sure your child is wearing their PE kit when they come in to school on these days.


Please clearly label all your child’s belongings so we can return them to you quickly if they get lost!

STIKINS labels are great and by purchasing them, you raise money for our school too. Click here and enter school fundraising number 14399 when ordering. Theses labels stick to everything!

Reading Books

Your child should have a reading book appropriate to their reading level which they have in school every day. This can also be taken home to read if they wish. At home it is vital that your child engages in at least 15minutes of reading ideally every day. This can be done with a range of things such as magazines, comic strips, non-fiction texts. We operate the online reading log which can be found in your child’s google classroom. Please support them as much as you can.  

Check your Child’s Bag

Please check your child’s bag each day for letters. These could include bump notes, trip or visit information. 

If you would like to get in contact with me then please contact the office and we can then arrange a convenient time to catch up. 

Thank you for your support and for taking the time to read this lengthy letter!

Best wishes

Mr Woodhouse

Year 4 Teacher


You can view and download your child’s weekly homework and tasks from below!

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