The children gave some lovely feedback in the Pupil Survey - "The sports competitions are great. There are no bullies. It's better here than my last school because it's quieter and you can get on with your work. You always have someone to go to. It's kind, caring and well-organised. What would you change - nothing - it's great just as it is!"


Niton Primary School

Partnership Information

  • We have a partnership with the University of Chichester and take students for work experience. Chichester also support as our ITT accreditation provider on the Aspire School Direct Programme
  • The Executive Headteacher is a Local Leader in Education.
  • We work with the Island Sports Partnership for school sport and enter a wide range of both competitive and non-competitive sports. This year we have competed in 21 different events
  • We are involved in cross competitions and festivals – music festivals, athletics competitions, netball and football tournaments and matches
  • Our Reception staff across the Federation are involved in EYFS standards and moderation events within the cluster but also across the Island. We are currently being moderated for EYFS outcomes this year.
  • Our English Lead has been asked to join the LA coaching team to support schools causing concern.
  • As a linked school we are part of The Bay’s bid to become a NCSL Teaching School. We have recently received news that the partnership has been accepted on to the Pilot and will be working with Uplands Primary School in Bracknell Forest to secure this initiative for the Island.

In more detail ……

Cornerstone Federation

The Cornerstone Federation  was established in June 2016. The aim was to bring together the two schools (Niton and The Bay) to strength leadership, share best practice and learn from each other. The Federation will enable us to work closely  together to support each other’s professional learning. We have established a calendar of training across the two schools which also includes moderation activities.

The Federation aims to organise a variety of professional learning opportunities linked to the teaching school at a range of school venues. It aims to offer sustained learning opportunities through a mix of expert input, action research and school to school enquiry.

Year 2 and  6 LA moderation sessions Autumn and Spring terms

At the beginning of March colleagues attended Year 2 and 6 moderation sessions with 31 other Island schools. The staff shared examples of special books and particularly focused on moderating writing and maths, those at age related expectations and those working at a greater depth. 

Cluster moderation

We are part of a moderation cycle with six other schools – half termly year group meetings to look at the outcomes for particular groups

Sporting Links

We have a range of links to local and national partnerships including the Every Girl Can Initiative. We participate in all competitions ranging from football to archery, badminton to tennis. The school has gained the Activemark Gold award this year as a result developed links with the following clubs

Ventnor Tennis Club

Ventnor Ruby Club

Island Athletics – 32 children took part in the recent Cross Country Championships

Ryde Table Tennis Club

Yarmouth Badminton Club

Island Games

Cluster events for 12 different sports

Ventnor Early Help Centre

We are member of the Ventnor Early Help Cluster enabling the school to sign post parents to access specialist and universal parenting and child support

Rights Respecting School /Spencer Bear Team

Through our RRS initiative we have developed links with our Parish Council. A Local Councillor has agreed to join our Steering Group

School to School Support

Links to the Pioneer Teaching School Alliance. Following a successful grant application to the NCSL we developed the links with The Bay as part of a school to school support grant programme. 

Traffic Management Scheme / Sustrans

We have been awarded our Sustrans Active Crew Bronze award to promote active travel. The school is also part of the local 20’s plenty scheme to reduce travel speed in the Village.

Isle of Wight Music, Dance and Drama Festival

17 pupils entered the IOW Music, Drama and Dance festival.  14 finished with merit awards or higher – two were judged best in class.

Links to the Uplands Primary School / Forest Schools Alliance Bracknell

As part of the Cornerstone Federation, we have developed links with Uplands Primary School, a NCSL Teaching School. With the support of the FLA The aim is to be accredited as a Teaching School in July 2019. Initially we will be leading on a variety of NCSL leadership programmes, prioritising staff across the two schools and in our cluster.

Aspire School Direct – ITT Partnership

Since September 2013 The Bay has been the lead school for School Direct ITT provision on the Island. The programme has successfully recruited and trained 18 trainee teachers. In collaboration with Chichester University and colleague Headteachers the programme has been robustly quality assured. This has been achieved through triangulated moderation of the quality of the trainees and their mentors.

95% of the trainees who qualified through the programme were judged to be good or better and were successful in securing teaching posts on the Island. 100% of the first two cohorts are on track to or have successfully completed their NQT year. Niton joined the programme in September 2015 and has benefited by working with two students.

In addition to our School Direct links we also have links to the University of Chichester to support their education faculty by taking students across KS1 and 2

Secondary Schools

We have strong links with our feeder Secondary Schools – The Bay CE School, Christ the King, The Island Free School, Medina College. Currently we are looking to see how we can develop transition further and explore what secondary readiness looks like.

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