The children gave some lovely feedback in the Pupil Survey - "The sports competitions are great. There are no bullies. It's better here than my last school because it's quieter and you can get on with your work. You always have someone to go to. It's kind, caring and well-organised. What would you change - nothing - it's great just as it is!"

Breakfast/After School Club

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Our Sunrise Breakfast Club and Sunset After School Club is available for children.

We are open from 7.45am to 8.45am Monday to Friday
3pm to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday
3pm to 5.00pm Friday

Booking is essential and rates apply.

Please enquire at the school office for more information or to register. 

We run a variety of after school clubs to help extend our children’s interests. These include football, cricket, tennis, skate-boarding, tag rugby, athletics, gardening, choir and art club.

Niton Primary School, in partnership with Wight Action Sports, is now offering skateboarding tuition as part of our alternative sports provision. We have two after school clubs both beginning after half term. In addition, Year Two and above will be given the chance to take part in a skateboarding taster session as part of their extended P.E. curriculum.

Skateboarding offers children an alternative to traditional school sports. It provides an opportunity to experience a non-competitive activity, requiring balance, agility and most importantly perseverance, in a safe and controlled environment. More information about skateboarding tuition can be found at

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